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Camel Keeper: Jammazwan

“Jammazwan” is Hindi for “camel keeper”.

Apache Camel is sponsored and maintained by Red Hat, and a part of it’s Fuse offering.

Me, a jammazwan? another Camel Keeper: TL DR?     about:
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If you are impatient or in a hurry, the 2 minute video might get you through faster than reading this blog.

Ease Learning by Driving Adoption

Start with Camel projects that already do something useful. Projects that already work.  Every example project is designed to be IDE ready in 60 seconds. Try one!

Jammazwan lets you learn Camel the same way you probably already learned everything else you work with every day, like Maven or Spring or JEE or Eclipse or IntelliJ or…  Someone gave you projects that already worked, and you gradually expanded your skillset until you became an expert.

Make the Easy Stuff Easy

Once you succeed with Camel, you’ll want to use it for everything that’s easy.  That’s what Camel is about, making things easy, the stuff we have to do every day. And Jammazwan example projects are designed to be easy.

Let adoption be the driver for the learning that has to happen in your organization. Cryptic docs really start making sense once you’ve got projects that you care about, to give you context, and you’re not wrestling with syntax and semantics.

Why Jammazwan?

I wrote Jammazwan projects because my only option was to learn from books or docs or courses or the like.  Author Claus Isben, for example, writes a superb book. But you show me some working code that I start using in projects I need, and I’m off to the races. Only then do I become super-enthusiastic to use a great book or docs, to help me expand my project into a perfect use cases.

Jammazwan projects cover things that you need to do every day.

Then, Jammazwan.100 for Breadth and Depth

Let’s face it. Most of us work in pretty homogenous corporate environments. “We only use camel for …. type of use cases.”  Our skills then rarely expand beyond our daily use cases.

What I needed was a randomized project spec generator to push me past my normal comfort zone and develop Camel coding speed in areas that I don’t get to do every day.

Take a look at jammazwan.100 and jammazwan.100.done.

The areas you know will go fast, but Jammazwan 100 will also push you through unfamiliar areas, so you can get them up to speed, using the kind of reps you get in your daily work.

If You Must Study First

There are some things about learning Apache Camel that would be helpful to know. Before you invest a bunch of time.

Consult this whitepaper-like blog to save you time, by identifying some strategies and tips. Here’s hoping that it saves you a few days, or even weeks of time!


If you are an automation enthusiast, you might look at the code in jammazwan.maker.

You might even want to use it to generate your own Camel projects. But it’s not documented or designed to be user friendly, so it may not be worth the effort.


Ping me if I can help  your shop move it’s development efforts forward with Camel.