Polymer/Lit Skills Update – June 1, 2018

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


If you thought about hiring me to help you out remotely on your Polymer or Lit project, you’re probably wondering what kind of results you would get.

Update June 1:

This update is identical to my May 1 update, excepting this section.

The Polymer team announced their move to Lit from previous Polymer during May. This exposed a large gap in my skillset, which was still weak on the javascript side.

I spent most of my working hours in May doubling back on javascript and especially ES6 functionality. I still have a ways to go to catch up to the many pieces of javascript that are necessary to move to Lit, but May saw good progress in this direction.


One way of knowing is to see what I’ve built with Polymer. It’s all open source, but that could be time consuming, as it involves over a dozen projects, most too lame to sift through. I’m very pleased with my progress, even though its less than a year’s aggregate work. Polymer is super-fun to work with.

The ultimate test of my skills could be viewed in my alpha app, deployed at pullmodel.com, but it’s still alpha and most of the app’s functionality is only visible at the higher permission levels. So I made this video to at least let you glimpse at the kind of functionality I can easily help you with. Or, this one from a couple years ago.


My strongest motive in this post is to accurately present my well earned humility with Polymer. Because I’ve seen what the truly great coders in Polymer know – I spend time with them almost every day on the Polymer Slack feed. I am constantly reminded how much there is to learn about this world.

I’m good at cranking out the work and solving problems, that I can offer confidently. Straightforward CRUD stuff, deployed on Firebase, you can engage me there and know that it will get done in a reasonable amount of time.

If you’re looking for the kind of blackbelt javascript work that will get you out of tight cracks created when your JS is too ambitious or advanced – I know those guys – but I’m not in that group. There are so many aspects of advanced JS that I know about, but have not fully conquered…yet.

My primary deficits are in the areas that I just haven’t needed so far, in my first apps. These include slots, direct interaction with shadow/shady/light dom via JS, writing promises and async behaviors, and anything beyond rudimentary CSS.

Last, if you’re wondering about Polymer 3, I have no experience so far. I won’t be taking this on until summer, at the earliest.


Recapping from other places for emphasis here – I’ve got decades of experience as a dev, mostly in back end java – but less than 12 aggregate months of full time work in the javascript world as a front end developer – all on Polymer.


Western economies seem to have different rates than the developing world, I’ve seen job postings that seem to imply $5 an hour, compared to Silicon Valley or Austin TX rates that climb ridiculously to the hundreds.

Given the wide variability in rates, especially for remote work, I’m pretty flexible for short term work – within the normal bounds of Western rates.

Need a Bigger Team?

Maybe you don’t want to just hire “some guy.” You need a whole team. I’m decently networked in the Austin market, and could help hook you up with any of several larger shops that could deploy a whole team, depending on your needs.