About This Site


This site is maintained by Pete Carapetyan

pete 2016

It amounts to an aggregation of several previous sites for different interests, from 2015 and before.

  • Links to previous sites may be found within.
  • New content would only be written here.
  • Previous sites may even forward to here. Confusing.

Previous betterologist.net site: old.betterologist.net


The Information that follows would only be interesting to a geek, especially further down the page.


This new site is blazing fast, responsive on mobile, and super easy to maintain. Yeah!


Attractive visuals are probably years away, for anything on this site.  Hope to keep it mostly clean, otherwise ignoring graphics almost completely. Too many reasons for this to even explain.

Comments Policy:

Blog sites such as this typically allow comments, and should. But, spammers have made this a time consuming proposition. Even the best spam filters require some amount of personal intervention. I tried for years, could never force myself to keep up with the load.

So comments are turned off entirely on this site, at least for now. Not the best policy, but ….

Content Policy:

Everything you see on this site could change at any time. This can be maddening, and is generally a bad policy. But a decade of experience has taught me this: It is the only realistic policy.

For example:
You see a post on this site that makes you (happy, sad, furious, whatever) so you send a link to your friend with the note “… see what I mean?” But then your friend reads the post, and concludes that no, he doesn’t see what you mean. Because I changed the content before he read it. That’s creepy!

Here is my lame explanation: In years past, I put an obsessive amount of time into a post, trying to make sure that it was gleaming perfection before it went out. This was because my commitment was to never change it, once it was out, excepting minor editorial fixes.

This version of the site, and it’s content, is never intended for such a level of perfection. Everything is intended as a momentary state. So you should always see a bunch of unfinished cruft on this site. Sometimes, forever, alas.

The happy story for me is – I actually get to push my creativity a bit, and not spend 90% of my time turd polishing. Taking one’s self too seriously is much a bigger offense than changing content, once it’s published. My2c.